Alpine carpets

This type of plant formation is present mostly in North Khevsureti, on the border of the massive high mountainous alpine and subalpine zones and stretched up to an altitude of 2900-3300 m. Alpine carpets are created by comparatively low plants (Taraxacum confusum, Carum caucasicum, Poa alpine, Carex micropodioides, Briza marcowiczii, Luzula sudetica, Plantago saxatilis, Minuartia oreina). Alpine carpets … Read more

Geography of Pshav-Khevsureti

Pshav-Khevsureti is located in the northeast of Georgia, on the southern and northern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains. Eastern and western borders of Pshav-Khevsureti are defined by high mountain ridges. The western border is formed of following ranges (looking from the north): Kidegana Range; Chaukhi Massive; finally Gudamakari and Alevi ridges located between rivers Ksani and Aragvi. From the East … Read more

South Khevsureti and Pshavi

The headwater of Pshavi’s River Aragvi is located on Mount Borbalo. The whole basin of Khevsureti’s River Aragvi is located in Southern Khevsureti and comprises three rivers: Abudelauri, which flows out of the Chaukhis Glaciers; a bit further up it is joined by the river Gorsheghmistskali, which flows from the slopes of the Arkhoti and Anatori passes; and Kakhmatistskali, … Read more

North Khevsureti

Arkhoti’s valley (the other name for the Asis ravine) is deep and is characterized by the steep slopes and cliffs. Worth mentioning is Chimgha’s Gorge where cliffs are built from diabase and porphyritic rocks. In the ravines of the river Asa and Arghuni we can find travertines – elements of limestone that were brought to the surface … Read more