Healing and Agricultural Plants

Pshav-Khevsureti has a long history of natural medical practices. This is due to the isolation of the region and difficulty when importing medicine. Therefore, local dwellers specialized in the use of herbs and other natural resources in medical practices. Khevsureti’s and Pshavi’s “Wise Women” are known for their skills. For centuries they have performed complex operations, for example head trephination. The purposes for utilizing these local plants are as diverse as the plants themselves. In Northern Khevsureti, alongside the river Andakistskali, rich in vitamins hop and sea-buckthorn fruits can be found. In subalpine and alpine zones Caucasian Rhododendron, Crowberry and Vaccinium along with sweetbrier and raspberries grow. They are dried and used for brewing tea. On Roshki’s moulders Common Ragwort (Senecio platypyllus) can be found. This rare plant can be used in the treatment of heart diseases. In Northern Khevsureti, in the area of Guro-Giorgitsminda and Archilo-Khakhabo, we meet yet another rare species of tall-herbs, called Caucasian Agasyllis (Angelica tatianae). It also has healing abilities and is used when treating bowel diseases.