South Khevsureti and Pshavi

The headwater of Pshavi’s River Aragvi is located on Mount Borbalo. The whole basin of Khevsureti’s River Aragvi is located in Southern Khevsureti and comprises three rivers: Abudelauri, which flows out of the Chaukhis Glaciers; a bit further up it is joined by the river Gorsheghmistskali, which flows from the slopes of the Arkhoti and Anatori passes; and Kakhmatistskali, which source is located at Datvisjvari Massive. Their confluence is near the village of Ghuli, at a height of 1600-1700 meters above sea level. These basins were formed from Jurassic layers. Only the lower part of Pshavi’s Aragvi basin originates from the Cretaceous period and is made out of limestone and sand-clay. (The Jurassic period began 195 million years ago and ended 140 million years ago. The Cretaceous period started 135-137 million years ago and ended 70-67 million years ago.)