Flora and Vegetation

The diversity of Pshav-Khevsureti’s flora and vegetation is dictated by the fact that this historical-geographical region is located on the boundary of the Central and East Caucasus ranges. Richness of its flora combines up to a thousand species of plants. They are divided on the northern and southern slopes (Pshavi – Southern Khevsureti and Northern Khevsureti) within separated vertical zones. In the area of Pshavi and Southern Khevsureti (Ravine of River Aragvi’s basin) the following vertical zones are present:
1. Moderate zone with beech, oak and hornbeam forests.
2. Sub-alpine forest zone, high altitude shrubs and sub-alpine meadows.
3. Alpine zone with alpine meadows and high altitude shrubs.
4. Sub-nival zone with petrophile flora.
In the ravines of the river Asa and Arghuni (in Northern Khevsureti) all of the above mentioned zones are represented but the Nival zone can also be found. The Northern side is dominated by pine forests (barely represented in the Aragvi’s ravine).In part of the Asa-Arghuni ravine which is located on Georgian territory there are no beech forests to be found, while in the Aragvi ravine, at an altitude of 1000 to 2200 meters, they are ubiquitous. In the Asa’s ravine, unlike the Arghuni ravine, no oak forests (Quercus macranthera) can be found. There are also less sub alpine tall-herbs grasslands, alpine meadows and flora in the sub-nival zone.