“Rock-loving” plants (petrophilic flora)

The most interesting and endemic is the flora of subnival zone in the Pshav-Khevsureti. At an altitude of 2900-4000 m. we can encounter a few species of local “rock-loving” plants. The Subnival zone lacks diversity – here, among cliffs and boulders small, homogenous communities of herbs grow. This is caused by extreme climatic conditions. As the altitute rises, the amount of plants diminish, though the amount of rare and endemic plants increase. Those are: Pseudovesikaria (Pseudovesicaria digitata), Simfioloma (Symphyoloma graveolens), Vavilovia Vavilovia formosa),Primula (Primula bayernii), buttercup (Ranunculus tebulossicus) and many more. In isolated zones rare Arctic-Alpine plants grow, such as Saxifraga flagellaris, S. moschata, S. exerata, Myosotys alpestre, Oxyria digina, Empetrum caucasicum(=E. hermafroditum), Vaccinium myrtillus, Ligularia subsagittata and etc. In Pshavi and Northern Khevsureti the Subnival zone is represented to a lesser degree, so it lacks the unique flora usual for it.